Wednesday, 6 November 2013

return of the nailings

Salutations twiddly peeps!

it is i again.. and today i have some.. nailings for you!

yes… just casually procrastinating from studying for my final exams.. no big deal.. (i'm SO going to regret this later.. especially when i'm sitting for the exam and all i can think about is korean drama and nail polish…)

i did a similar mani before.. but it was so pretty i figured i'd reuse it just for funsies. for this mani i used Missha BE02 and KH02 for the gradient.. and Ulta3 for the leopard print.. not too shabby ey? teeheehee*

--not too too much has happened since coming back from Singapore.. more than anything it's gone back to the way it was before we left for the trip… if i'm not at uni.. i'm at home.. if i'm not watching my korean dramas i'm pretending to study.. SO BORINGGG… he's trying to play catch up with work.. and deal with some.. repositioning.. i don't know what the heck of staff.. i don't know.. it's all hebrew to me really… so by the time he gets home from work.. it's really late in Sydney and i'm getting ready for bed.. plus.. if you know me.. i'm really not a night person.. by 7pm i start winding down and getting ready for bed mode... but in the morning.. i'm high as a kite! 
--which leads me to my next train of thought.. he's a night person.. he's all grumpy and awful looking in the morning and doesn't fully wake up till mid afternoon to get excitable.. whereas i'm already on my way to gloomville… this is going to be an interesting journey moving in with him…
all the other times when i was in Perth.. i'd literally wake up around 9am and lay in bed waiting for him to fidget so i can pounce on him to wake up so we can have shenanigans… i spy more head butting..

oh.. did i mention?! i'm finally reunited with my pear!

the not so cool news.. i didn't get my proper proposal ==" *shakes fist*
guess the one i had is going to be the one that sticks.. i mean.. it's memorable.. very memorable actually *snickers* … but so not PG13 teeheehee* (gawd.. what am i going to tell people when they ask)

well.. back to my kdrama! … i mean.. studying.. heh he he he

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