Friday, 1 November 2013

Singapore day two

Friday 18th October 2013

for the next few days the penis and i stayed in Singapore till Sunday for the wedding…
we decided to roam Orchard Rd for some hopeful shopping… and to send off my international Sumdged Polish orders!!!

look at them all! off to their.. America and Europe homes! (thankfully all orders have been delivered to their homes and within 2 weeks too!)

we only managed to walk a small fraction of Orchard Rd before getting hungry.. and somehow managed to get dropped off at the expensive side of Orchard Rd.. meaning.. there were nothing but designer labels and brands for about 2 miles.. =="

the penis suggested we stop at Old Town for a quick breakfast.. mostly because we weren't near any hawker stores and there wasn't much of a selection around us..

once again.. Kaya Toast and Kopi Te.. for a place that supposed to be famous for their breads.. i have to say i was quite disappointed in my toast.. it just didn't have the same taste as when i tried it in JB.. it was dry even with all the butter they shoved into the toast and just.. it was a huge let down.. but hey.. $1.50 SIG drink and toast if you order a main.. can't really complain much right? except i can because i could get the same thing in JB for 3MYR which converts to be a third of the price and tastes sooo much better.

for my main i chose Nasi Lemak. thank goodness that was much tastier.

we spent the rest of the day roaming some plazas on Orchard Rd.. we both managed to pick up a pair of sunglasses each at one of the stores there and some souvenirs.. but eventually decided to give up and try a department store instead because everything else was just so expensive!

so the penis and i got into a cab.. and some how ended up in Little India! (mind you before going on this trip i told myself i was going to avoid this place like the plague.. mostly because i'm not a fan of curry and being the ignorant little prick that i am had my own prejudices towards the place. but it actually wasn't bad at all!) we spent about an hour or so just roaming around and looking at the markets there.. i couldn't find anything to buy.. there was a lot of cute random things.. but nothing that jumped at me.. other than their national clothing.. which were a steal for $20-35 SIG compared to the ones they sell here for over $200 AUD! but.. realistically.. when would i ever be able to wear it.. short of halloween… =="
as usual the heat was suffocating and i was covered in sweat.. and once again we set out for foods.
we found a strip of hawker stores and literally just eenie meenie minee mo and chose one with an A or B letter grade (in Singapore.. the food stores there are audited for cleanliness and given a letter grade which is posted at the front of each shop.. bizarre i know.. but awesome for customers because you know which stores you should and shouldn't eat at if you're concerned about food poisoning) 

i had Chicken Briyani and for a sweet snack…

freshly made roti! and all of this was $5 SIG!!! glorious.

so after sweating my brains out walking around Little India in the intense humidity and heat.. we headed back to the hotel where we met up with the penis' friends who also came to attend the wedding and had.. an interesting drunken night of shenanigans in Clark Quay.. completely disregarding that the fact that wedding ceremony was at 1030am the next day...

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