Sunday, 17 November 2013


so.. i'm back in Perth..

guess the penis and i managed to not kill one another till my departure date!

yesterday we attended the penis's old coworkers wedding…

it was a nice small gathering of family and friends at a winery near Swan Valley

i wore the bow i got from Kim to match my outfit

and my nails…

OPI - My Vampire Is Buff . Emily De Molly - Amazonia . Essie - Set In Stone

we arrived mid ceremony and everyone was gathered around for the ceremony.. followed by the release of balloons to mark the beginning of the couples union..

after the ceremony was done the couple left to take their wedding photos around the winery and the crowd was left to food and booze!

--that awkward moment when the boy looks so much cuter making a face than you do.. hahaha

smoked salmon quiche

THIS was genius… instead of having personal gifts.. their wedding favours were printed paper bags and fruit! it was basically self serve.. --of course all the womens huddled over and took the bulk of the picks first.. i managed to grab a mango and two pomegranates in the chaos.

after a while.. we were all ushered to the restaurant where the reception was held!

--another genius.. instead of having massive flower table ornaments.. just have a far wrapped with curtain material and a few flowers!
by this time i was about 3 coronas in and working on a glass of white wine

entree was smoked chicken

main was a choice of fish or cow

unfortunately we didn't stay long enough for dessert.. but by the time main was served it was almost 10pm.. and the mosquitos were going to town on my arms and legs.. (go figure that in a room of half naked men and women that they only go after me…) so the penis and i decided to call it quits and headed home..

.. of course not before stopping my McDonalds for a sundae :)

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