Saturday, 2 November 2013

Singapore day three

Saturday 19th October 2013

today is the day of the wedding.. we didn't get home till 3am this morning..
and in all honesty it wasn't like we partied like animals.. we went to a bar which had live music.. had 2 beers.. then roamed around to look for a sisha bar.. but they had a massive wait time so we headed to a shots bar to wait.. needless to say.. i woke up with a raging headache like a noob.. but we reluctantly woke up and got ready for the wedding…

once again i had my own prejudices towards the reception area having been told it was at a carpark… but it was surprisingly beautiful! the pillars were wrapped in white material, flowers and an assortment of blue ribbons. absolutely beautiful. it makes you feel like you're really at a fancy function hall.. assuming you don't look outside of the carpark and see an array of parked cars around you underneath an apartment complex.

the food line was epic.. of course.. curry was available in the form of chicken mutton and beef with rice

i don't know what the pickled vegetables were but they were sooo delicious. a little on the spicy side.. but just what i love about it.

an array of desserts including mini cupcakes and malaysian sweets!

we didn't stay at for wedding very long.. mostly because it was so damn hot (surprise surprise) and not much to do.. for the most part.. friends and family just came to wish the wedded couple their good wishes give gifts.. eat and leave..
so the penis and i headed back to the hotel for a quick nap and headed for Bugis Mall and the markets across the road!

we managed to walk our way over to china town and found...

$3 soy chicken and rice.. seriously?! seriously… absolutely delicious.
i even found $1 tofu pudding.. it doesn't sound delicious but it's so delicious. it's my most favourite asian dessert.. (what i always drag the penis to take me to buy when we go to Taro Taro in Victoria Park whenever i'm in Perth) it was so good i literally inhaled it and didn't get to take a picture. it's sweet.. but not too sweet.. just the perfect amount of sweet and the tofu was soft and velvety just disintegrates on your tongue.. gah.. i'm drooling right now as i type this thinking about it…

the penis saw a fish spa while we were roaming around and i just HAD to try it!

the guy that worked there rinsed our feet first.. and as he saw the penis.. he asked him where he was from…

penis: "where do you think i'm from"
guy: "australia"
penis and i: "oh!"
penis: "how do you know?"
guy: "the way you dress.."
penis: "what about her" (pointing at me)
guy: "Singapore"
me: (shakes head)
guy: "Hong Kong then!"
me: "what! i seriously look that fobby?!"
(everyone giggles)
guy: "american.."

hahahahaha soon as i open my mouth they knows..

the guy had to help me put my legs in and hold my knees down.. my legs were absolutely convulsing, it tickled so much! i couldn't look at the fish otherwise i knew i'd pull my feet out.. it was such an awkward feeling.. it's basically toothless fish that nibble on your dead skin. so after about 15 minutes of squealing like a pig it was over.. and i must say.. my feet did feel a lot smoother and soft!

it wasn't long before his friends left the wedding too after their "flower boy" duties to meet up with us for dinner.

our first stop was The Long bar to try the famous Singapore Sling

to be honest.. we only went for the sake of saying we went.. the cocktail is nice but severely over priced.. you'd go broke before you got tipsy.. it's very touristy and the place is scattered with peanut shells.. i guess that's what makes it "special"... i found them to be a slipping hazard..
so after we had ingested our overly priced cocktails.. we headed over to East Coast Park for some SINGAPORE CRABS! (the food.. not so much actual genital crabs…but i think there's a place for that.. Geylang)

after we've had our fill of crabs (chuckles*) the penis and i decided to disperse from the group and head back to the hotel while the rest went to the Sky Bar in marina Bay (penis didn't want to go.. said all clubs are the same.. i.. would usually argue.. but i was still quite hungover from the night before hahaha) plus.. we were heading to Kuala Lumpur the next morning!

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