Wednesday, 10 October 2012

case of the ex.

i'm pretty sure i speak for most people out there who are in relationships with this post...

most if not all of my relationships that i have been in have had fights which dealt with an ex. whether it be my ex. or my partners ex. don't be so foolish as to think just because you've met someone else that either of your pasts won't somehow come back at some point to try and complicate things. (and if you're the select few that haven't had this issue.. consider yourselves lucky).

we've both had our fair share of baggage come up during our relationship (you'd think after so long that the other person would have let go by now.. not so much). and thanks to the world wide web and social media it is how so much easier to stalk people.

example: even if you change your number or blocked them on all your messenger apps. they try to contact you through email. every email they could possibly conjure up. or.. resort to facebook to try and get a hold of you. i'll tell you where i saw this happen.
as per usual when you're together you use every means possible to be "connected to them". ie: facebook. and when you break up.. you usually delete them just so they can't pry into your current life or.. the rare.. mutual breakup where you can be friends and all that other crap.. which everyone knows.. it's almost impossible to be friends with an ex.. i mean.. come on.. i've seen you naked.
anyways.. so the boy and his ex i assumed weren't "facebook friends" since they had broken up.. and that was well over a year and a half ago. so guess who adds ME on facebook? NOT her... get this.. she had her friend do it. !!! first of all.. they have no mutual friends.. so how does she know about me.. let alone.. to find me on facebook.. (creepy)

of course.. with my.. hormonal ridiculousness i thought too much into it.. and conjured up this intricate scenario in my head and assumed the worst. --has he been talking to her? --has he been in touch with my some other girl that was/is her friend? who knows.. again.. ridiculousness.
i think part of the mental breakdown was also.. it's coming up to the anniversary of his trip to singapore last year *shudders* either way.. we had an emotional breakdown over it. and i was too stubborn to give in. and he didn't understand why i was upset over it at all.. all crazy.
as per usual.. the exchange of fighting words.. then the silence of defeat.. and eventually whispering "i love you"... he makes my heart melt every time.

this picture pretty much sums up our relationship. he makes me absolutely nuts. but i love him... for some reason =="

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