Friday, 26 October 2012

studying hard... or hardly studying

my first attempt at drip nails ^_^

i have 4 exams coming up in the next 2 weeks.. and i should probably be panicking by now.. but all i can think about is the wedding and my trip to perth in about.. 12 days...

so much to do in so little time. i just hope everything will be ok :)


  1. How did you do this?! It looks awesome! Good luck on your exams. xx

    1. Hi Fernanda!

      -just apply your base color.
      -then do a french tip that covers about a third of your nail with the second color
      -using a dotting tool.. do large spots alternating colors on the line diving the two colors

      hope that was of help for you :)

      hahaha. i should be studying.. but i have my head up my ass over everything else xD

  2. Lovely I till definitely try it out!Nice colours as well!



  3. thank you Borislava! (you have a very interesting name ^_^)

    i used OPIs Planks a Lot from the Pirates of the Carribean collection and Fly from the Nicki Minaj collection :)