Thursday, 25 October 2012

love what you have

today was his last day in sydney before he went back to perth so he spent the morning with me.

we had a lunch date at Ramen Kan

roamed Pitt St Mall a little bit then headed to Bondi Beach for the art sculptures

came home with a red face. ugh.. so sunburnt.. need to invest in a pretty sun hat.

we had a talk while we were on the beach waiting for his friends.. we've been fighting these last couple of days..
the whole.. singapore anniversary... not knowing whether or not we should get married because of all the arguments we've been having (mostly me thinking that).. and just.. so much uncertainty with how to start our lives together.
the root of all our problems is from the singapore discrepancy. i never fully had a chance to get over it. and he didn't get a proper chance to make it up to me so to speak. because of our distance.. and all the times we were together.. we were too desperate to be happy together because it was for such a short amount of time.. that we never got a chance to fix our problems.
but. he knows how i feel towards him. and we both know how hard its been for the both of us. more so. we know what we want out of this. and hope to work towards our happiness together.

--2 weeks till perth!

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