Sunday, 28 October 2012

when i grow up i want to be just like them

So... again.. when i should probably be studying...

i had a skype date with the other half yesterday and we were perving on korean girls.. specifically..


F (x)

and Kara


seriously.. i'd like to know where they get their ridiculously beautiful flawless skin. my mother always saids it's because they eat healthy bla bla bla. never eat oily foods and clean their faces.. my koreanpop enthusiasts say it's all plastic surgery.. but it doesn't explain how they have such pretty skin! i mean.. sure.. nose fixed.. eyes cut.. but.. THE SKIN!
so.. guess who.. of all people.. told me about.. BB cream. le fiancĂ©. (don't ask me how he knows) =="
apparently.. it's all the range in Korea and Japan.. it's only recently been brought into the light for western countries.

thanks to a good friend who was originally just showing me a wedding blog.. i started following XiaXue. and i remember seeing an advertorial about Garnier's Miracle Skin Perfector so. i thought i'd give it a go.

(please excuse the poor camera quality)

i have this theory that if i eat nothing but kimchi and rice for the next 3 months.. get my eyes cut. get on this BB Cream stuff. wear colored contacts and stick on some eye lashes.. i'd look just like them. hahaha with less than half the talent and a quarter of the looks hahahahhahaaha xD

--will update after tuesday when i wear this bad boy out to class for my first exam and girl date with my cousin :)

things have been really great the past couple of days. especially after our mental breakdown at the beach. i guess all the anticipation for this trip is finally hitting us.

SO.. after lots of.. arguing.. and fussing.. and stressing.. i think we've finally come to a conclusion as to have a fancy wedding come March.. and have dinners in Perth.. Malaysia and Sydney.
seeing as.. my family and friends are in Sydney.. and his family and friends are scattered in Perth and Malaysia.. it some what made sense to have it this way.. our entire relationship has been really strange from the start.. so having 3 wedding receptions isn't so weird right? of course not.. just means i have to stress about catering and functions and invites more than once =="

BUT.. this means.. i get to have the dress i wanted now.. muahahhahaa. which means i have to sell the one i have now hiding at my friend Emma's place. and start thinking about decorations for the function hall. and a legit photographer and all that jazz.

jokes aside. i'm really excited about everything. mostly about being sure about something now. no more of this second guessing or uncertainty about whether or not we should get married because of all the dramas we've been through. it's nice to have something stable for once. something that i know is secure.

now.. off to pretend to study and actually absorb the shit i'm reading. blah.

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