Tuesday, 9 April 2013

it's finally happening!

look what came in the post today!

glitters galore!

i absolutely cannot wait to get my asian fingers on these bad boys and start brewing my potions. so many ideas and so much glitter i don't know what to do with myself!!!

he's been nothing but supportive and helpful in this whole indie polish making endeavour. when it came to emailing the suppliers and mostly financing everything. i have a tendency to over look small print and finer details so he's the one to pick up where i leave off.. so thank goodness for that.. not to mention much more patience when it comes to dealing obvious money hungry sellers clearly trying to rip you off..
we went through numerous suppliers when it came to ordering the bottles... our biggest issue was when it came to the quantity... if you want cheap.. you buy in bulk.. but to our dismay.. buying in bulk meant a minimum order of 10 000 bottles! and mind you.. that's actually the smaller amount compared to other suppliers we had contacted which ranged from the hundreds of thousands to millions! situational wise... 10k isn't THAT huge of an amount.. only thing is.. because i'm only just starting.. i don't know how well i'm going to do.. and if it's a bust.. (knock on wood) what am i going to do with a couple thousand empty nail polish bottles...?!
with that being said.. we chose the smaller option which ended up to be much safer even though it was about triple the cost per bottle.. but it'd be safer in the long run so that we know how well we'd do in case we decide to pull out or keep going...

and we're back to the name... =="

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