Sunday, 28 April 2013

sunday funday

spent the day with the other half.. i guess rekindling and making up for our mental breakdown last night... and guess what he did while i was at church...

yep.. all 572 assembled nail polish bottles waiting to be used!

and.. in our craze.. i managed to talk him to making a guinea pig bottle...!

well.. we learned 3 things out of this experiment..
-need a funnel
-the "strong tinters" are actually really potent and..

leading up to all of this i've been thinking up ideas and what things to mix. so i'll have a good idea of what i want as soon as i start instead of spend all the time and resources just mixing up fail bottles... so i am very keen.. but i need to stay grounded because i still have a ton of exams and assessments due before i can run away with my glitter fantasies.. but most of all.. i worry they might not sell well... seeing there are quite a few aussie indie polish makers now.. and a lot of them very good too *panics* not to mention.. it's not my money that i'm playing with.. he's been the one to invest in this business adventure.. so i REALLY need for it to go well.. if at the least make back what we've spent.. but realistically.. i really do want this to go far.. mostly cause it's a fun hobby for me.. and lets me.. i guess escape reality for a while.. even just for a little.. i feel so.. blessed and happy when people notice the work i put in.. and makes me motivated to do more.
SO.. only 8 weeks to go now..!

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  1. I know you are going to make some stunners! I wish I had time to make my own