Tuesday, 23 April 2013

mood changing?

because gradients are all i'm worth...

must say.. this is one of my better works ^_^

for this manicure i used Sally Hansen Petal Pusher and Jaded topped off with Insta-Dri :D

--things aren't going so hot again.. the constant up and down.. i mentally can't keep up anymore and i'm sure he's starting to feel drained if not already. just the constant misunderstandings and petty little arguments that escalate into huge fights. long distance relationships are probably one of the most hardest things i've ever emotionally been through.. it's great when you're together. it's easier to convey emotion and feeling when you're with someone.. but through the phone or online.. just seems so cold and disconnected.. when most of the time.. all you want is a hug to let them and yourself know that everything is going to be ok.. but no.. time difference.. i have uni stress.. he has work stress.. nothing but a cluster fcuk of ridiculousness waiting to explode. i'm supposed to be head deep in my studies for the next couple of weeks leading towards exams and end of semester.. but i can't concentrate with all this bickering and loneliness.
-i wish i could tell you how much i miss you. i wish i could hold you and tell you that everything is going to be ok. that i just want to be around you. feel your warmth and see your smile. but i'm here. and you're there.. and all i can do is to love you from afar.. best as i can and the only way i know how to.. i know we've been through a lot of hurt and said many mean things to one another.. but i need you to need me because i need you and most of all i need you to love me. because i love you.

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