Sunday, 12 May 2013

sprinkle on some sparkle

Sunday mums day...

my day consisted of... church, little brunch with the mumsie, a futile attempt at studying --meaning painting my nails in between and finally a movie date with the other half.

this manicure was inspired by the mom.. i asked her what color she liked.. and she said she felt like blue today so...

taadaa* my very first reverse glitter gradient!

for this manicure i used Sinful Colors Sugar Rush for the base and OPI Last Friday Night for the gradient. doesn't look too awful if i do say so myself...!

this is my last day of bullshitting around.. starting monday i'm going to have to force myself to get my shit together and do my 8000 word paper and 2 other assessments on top of studying for my finals coming up in exactly a month from today.
i can't tell if it's stress from uni or anxiety with the partner.. probably a combination of the two.. but haven't been feeling so great these past couple of days.. i don't know.. one of those.. i don't feel so pretty today and just everything around me doesn't hold its appeal anymore. meh. i don't know.. hopefully it passes soon... plus i need to get to bed.. have to be up at the butt crack of dawn for my mission trip to uni in the morning...

hopefully everyone had a wonderful and safe weekend and to all the mothers our there a very happy Mother's Day!

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