Tuesday, 28 May 2013

here kitty kitty

#nailartmay.. favorite animal

i know i know.. this looks nothing like an animal.. but.. this design is called ikat.. and this is my rendition of cat mani.. without being cliche hahaha. to be honest.. i totally cheated for this challenge because my favorite animal is actually a dog.. but in my defence.. i like cats just as much too!

for this manicure i used OPI Dulche de Leche for the base. Sinful Colors Snow Me White. Chinza Glaze Liquid Leather and BYS Matte Blue for the designs.

uni was such a drag today.. days like this i just wish i had already graduated working some mediocre job. everyone around me has either graduated.. working.. engaged... married.. travelling.. babies... and i'm still stuck in limbo.. sometimes i feel like i chose the wrong field.. thinking had i chosen.. business. or finance.. education even.. that i'd already be working and having vacation every other quarter.. but no.. i'm still carrying my DC backpack stuffed with text books and my laptop to school every day. all this reading and hair pulling better be worth it at the end.. cause the rate that i'm going.. i really can't stand people anymore.. and how can i help them if i hate them? hanging in there.. *fighting!*

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