Wednesday, 22 May 2013

pretty flowers for a pretty girl

todays mani..

these are for my nanna's. Nanna Bernadette and Nanna Tammy

for this manii i used Miss Ashleigh's The Devil Wears Nada. Sinful Colors Snow Me White, Sweet Tooth, Candy Coated. Unicorn and BYS Roller Coaster.

i recently picked up watching korean dramas.. and i shamefully admit that i'm really hooked on them now hahaha. i'm currently watching You're Beautiful and Nail Shop Paris (starring Cheondung *swoons*) the characters are absolutely beautiful. both the males and females.

Nail Shop Paris

You're Beautiful

guess this is my way of escaping reality now.. watching other people fall in love cause mine is 4000km away.. only one month left and i'm very anxious. but i still have a million things to do before my trip comes... studying. assessments. exams. packing... the list is endless. but.. hanging in there! *fighting!*

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