Wednesday, 1 May 2013


pretty exciting post for me today.. something absolutely amazing and generous came in my mailbox..

my very own random act of polish kindness from Bernadette
i still remember the first time i had started talking to her and Tammy through instagram. cracking sarcastic jokes about nails and asians.. after a few weeks of instagram stalking.. comments and likes.. i had seen a post about the Sinful Colors Sugar Rush collection and being devastated over the fact that it's almost damn near impossible to get nice nail polish in this shit hole without having to pay an arm and a leg.. on top of the fact that they're just not available.. ANYWAYS.. moments later Mrs B messages me through kik and literally tells me to give her my address because she has an extra set to giveaway.. not going to lie i thought she was just pulling my leg in the beginning.. but after about 2 hours of freaking out and being.. non-believing i finally calmed my panties and let it sink in. and TAADAA* this is what happened!

--still in a bit os shock whenever i look at them.. still can't believe they're here

speaking of kik and instagram.. i've been.. idk i guess building relationships with a few people through it.. just the daily comments and frequent jokes and have made a couple really great friends...! a handful of us have gotten together and did a.. #bestiesixtupletsnails challenge...!

introducing.. from top to bottom. left to right.
- Bianca @tinkybell_nails
Caitlyn @icebubbleteanails
Lynz @hammerednails
- Jenn @jennacide77
- myself @mulanpoopy
- Naomi @nailsbynaomi

it was a very fun and interesting experience trying to coordinate 6 people in 6 different locations to collaborate and agree on a mani to do.. we had all agreed to do a May nail art challenge and the first challenge was flowers. so this is what we all came up with.. not exactly identical.. but hey.. sisters from different misters :)

For this manicure i used OPI Dulce de Leche for the base and Sally Hansen Jaded. Sinfulcolors Cotton Candy. Unicorn. Sugar Rush and Sweet Tooth.

very much looking forward to more nail dates with them ♥

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