Monday, 20 May 2013

the return of the asian

i'm back!

so much has happened since i wrote last. and i apologise for my lack of updates. there really is no excuse.. most haven't had the motivation to put thought into words and more so i was trying to keep myself together with everything going on lately... but before i get into it.. i'm going to share my.. nails of the day that i did with my tuplets!

todays theme was strawberries for #nailartmay and instead of doing the usual whole nail strawberry we opted for something a little different and this was the end result!

for the base i used Sally Hansen Jaded. for the strawberries i used Portmans Cherry. Sinful Colors Unicorn and BYS Roller Coaster. and for the flowers Sinful Colors Easy Going and Unicorn.
i don't think i did too shabby having been out of commission for a week...

we got into another domestic over the weekend. but this time no shouting or exchange of hurt words.. more so.. sharing of feelings. he spent sunday morning looking at houses with his parents but they were either out of reach or not very great.. i didn't speak till mid sunday afternoon and that was when i poured my guts out to him. it's very difficult to convey emotions through the phone but i said what i had to say and just thanked cupid for allowing him to understand and not become defensive. at this point i'm blaming the fights on the distance. once i see him come end of june.. i really do hope things will become much happier and easier.. we'd immediately start brewing the potions and getting my nailings venture going. he'll continue to look for a place for the both of us and when i move over at the end of year we can finally start out lives together loving one another and not tearing each other a new ass hole every other day.

i haven't heard back from the hospital yet.. but i wasn't expecting anything till mid next week anyway. i'm sure it's nothing. the pain is gone.. usually only comes when i'm on my menstrual cycle anyway. on top of the fact that i am about 3 weeks away from exams and still 2 papers due with lots of studying.
and they say student life is nothing but drunken lesban orgies.. pssch..


  1. Love those nails and I also love the title. lol

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