Wednesday, 14 August 2013



Wednesdays are the new fun days! well.. it is for me at least.. or.. it'll be fun up until i'm swimming in assignments and i have to use the freebie day to catch up on those assignments.

My dad and uncle and i went to a car auction yesterday and it was so much fun. i was the only female there.. (not like there was any eye candy to look at anyway.. they were either old.. or hairy or just.. there wasn't anything worth swooning over) unfortunately we weren't able to find a car we like.. we placed a few bids on 3 cars.. but to no avail.. i think we're going to go again next week.. hopefully we'll be able to find something we like! but more so... it felt good to do something with my dad. it been years since we hung out together.. and it was really nice.

anywho.. i am very excited to show you todays mani. dun dun dun*

i'm back baby! finally got back into my nailart groove! for this mani i used Sinful Colors Sweet Tooth, Candy Coated and Sugar Rush topped off with Smudged Polish Alone Tonight. I had to physically unfish the holo stars and crescent moons hahaha!

and just for funsies i added a leopard print accent! I used Sinful Colors Unicorn and Sweet Nothing for the leopard print. i have to say.. i'm quite proud of these suckers if i do say so myself.. its been so long since i did any legit nailart. i kind of gave up after i started my own polish line.. but now that i'm not creating any new colors till i go back in november.. it's all sails ahead for nail art!

oh oh.. and with my obsession over everything korean lately.. i made kimchi bokumbap!!!

kimchi bokumbap is just kimchi korean fried rice. but absolutely delicious. after i saw it on Coffee Prince i just had to try and make it.

well i'm out of rants today.. going to pretend to study and sneak in some kdramas!

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