Thursday, 15 August 2013


Hellooo my nailings!

today i bring you a small swatch of Smudged Polish Sun In Your Eyes from my Above & Beyond collection and some more gradients!

for this mani i used Sinful Colors Unicorn, Sweet Nothing and Sugar Rush topped off with Smudged Polish Alone Tonight (once again i had to physically unfish the holo crescent moons and stars) for the gradient and for the accent nail i used 3 coats of Smudged Polish Sun In Your Eyes.

this is the same mani in direct sunlight with all its glittering glory..

swatch of Smudged Polish Sun In Your Eyes 2 coats with top coat.

i think i'm getting back into the knack of nailart again.. i've been neglecting it ever since i started making my own line but now that I've stopped while i'm in uni and all my tools are back in Perth.. its allowed me to spend whatever time i have left... to do more nail shenanigans.

the other half is spending weekends fixing up the house nowadays.. so i spend most of my weekends doing my uni work and or groceries with my parents...

only a little over 2 months left till SG..! *nervous*

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