Friday, 30 August 2013


so.. i totally skipped uni today to food with my parents in the city..

(in my defence.. it was for fathers day... hahahahhaa)

we had Kari Kambing, Kari Ayamm, Mee Goreng, Roti Kaya and...

chicken satay sticks!

my parents of course had a cry about how expensive it was.. being from Western Sydney they're used to massive $8 meals but compared to typical city foods.. BUT this place was the beast for taste and price!

we trekked it up to Town Hall where my dad wanted to visit the Daiso store.. to his dismay.. the place was closed for stocktake hahahhahaha.. just his luck! but no fear.. my mother went crazy in the Korean supermarket.. she bought jars of bulgogi marinade and seasoned seaweed.. and get this.. 1kg of kimchi! (my aspirations to becoming a korean is getting closer! hahaha i can smells it!)

all in all it was a really fun day for me. it was nice being able to do some shenanigans with my parents.. my mom and i do it a lot more often than i do with my dad so it was a nice change for him to finally leave the house!

oh.. and before i forget.. my notd for shenanigans with my parents..

none other than the awesome Emily de Molly Cosmic Forces!

weekend is nearly here! i hope everyone has an awesome and safe weekend and wish all your fathers a very Happy Father's Day for sunday!

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