Wednesday, 7 August 2013


Swatch of Black Room Boy from my Above & Beyond inspired collection!

macro shot of Black Room Boy

this is 2 coats with top coat.

Black Room Boy has a black jelly base filled with fine holographic glitters, teal, purple, blue and green hex, square and dot glitters. Believe me when i say it looks much prettier in real life, i just wish i could capture it better.

--another long day of uni.. more assignments, more readings even less time to do them.. had lunch by my lonesome today at Arisun

this bowl of deliciousness is called Jjajjungmyun which is Black Bean noodles. For any of you korean drama enthusiasts.. this was what Go Eun-Chan was eating when she had the competition with Hwang Min-Yeop in Coffee Prince Shop! after watching that episode i was on a mission to find a korean restaurant in the city that served jjajjungmyun. AND I'VE FINALLY FOUND IT! It was absolutely delicious especially with a side of spicy kimchi washed down with hot green tea! Love a good feed after a shitty day.

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