Thursday, 29 August 2013



one of the things that dread the most about uni other than.. uni itself is group work.. yes yes yes. i know that to be a psychiatrist i have to be able to interact with people in order to help them.. but seriously.. there are just some people that you're just not going to be able to get along with.. luckily this time round i'm not the one who can't get along with someone.. there are 3 females and 2 males in the group.. the two females absolutely cannot agree on anything.. when one suggests an idea.. the other completely shuts her down or vice versa.

we were scheduled to meet after class today.. but because my tutorial let out early.. i decided to get sone sort of sugar in my system to get me through what was about to come next..

i got a tall extra caramel half shot extra syrup macchiato.. seemed like an awesome idea at the time till about half way through the cup where my hands were shaking.. hahahahaha! mind you.. i haven't had coffee in years.. so my body isn't used to caffeine.. if i drink strong tea at night.. i can't sleep.. so i really don't know why i thought it was a good idea to get a coffee =="

we met up at Chanoma Cafe on George St.. one of the guys suggested it hoping that in a more.. relaxed atmosphere with food and coffee that these two would be able to at the least be civil towards one another... this only lasted for the duration of the food eating.. hahahaha

they also had delicious looking green tea matcha frappes.. but i didn't get to take a snap of them before the women devoured it.. i ordered a spicy meat lovers hotdog and chili and garlic fries and they were delicious!

after about 2 hours we managed to come to a consensus and decided to call it a day. i just hope those two tolerate each other long enough for the presentation.. i wonder whether or not they're going to fight over who saids what during the presentation..?

--who am i kidding.. of course they are!

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