Sunday, 4 August 2013


Happy Sunday everyone!

Today i have swatches of Mystic to show you!

a macro snap of Mystic

2 thick coats with top coat in artificial lighting

3 thin coats in sunlight with top coat

Mystic is a deep emerald jelly filled with gold, purple, teal and aqua hex, circle and square glitters.

Available for purchase from my etsy store :)

International shipping pending... but look out for some updates come october..!

Last day of supposed free balling before i'm back to uni again.. they call it the weekend.. but you spend it catching up on uni work anyway... blah. The other half is at the new house continuing with the renovations again. i think he managed to remove the awful pink wallpaper from the walk in wardrobe in the master bedroom.. but the wallpaper in the study room is proving to be a little more difficult. then... it'll be time for painting! i'm most excited about the walls.. we managed to go together to pick out some colors before i left.. so i decided on an off white almost cream color for the walls. very excited.
while i was there. we joked about what rooms we called dibs on and where we would have the furniture.. i joked about having my polish room painted cake batter.. hahahhaa kind of like turdlings except.. covering all the walls! HOARD ALL THE GLITTER!

well.. it's back to my readings for me and get started on my second essay.. i hope everyone has an awesome and safe weekend!

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