Tuesday, 27 August 2013

YOU'RE FAMOUS! sort of...

so.. a few weeks back i was contacted by an editor from a magazine called Tosser who somehow found me through my instagram and was interested in interviewing me and my polish!

this happened to me today...


to read the full interview.. click here!

--not much else has happened to me lately.. i'm just trying to stay afloat on all of my uni assignments.. nailings here and there whenever i have time..
the penis and i haven't hung out much these past few weeks.. with his work and spending weekends at the new house trying to renovate it.. we only speak for about an hour or so a day.. so i guess i'm looking forward to this SG trip... but still of course very nervous about it.. but i'll have to get over it at some point right?

now.. back to uni rape T.T

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