Friday, 2 August 2013

familiar surroundings

so glad i made it through the first week of uni.. although i'm already 4 chapters behind =="

uni is the same enough.. first day.. orientations.. schedules.. syllabus expectations.. meeting and greeting your new class rivals that you'll have to work with for the next 4ish months. sometimes i feel like i'm going to be here forever with my choice in career.. really hope it pays off in the end. walking around campus seeing couples holding hands...  I SHOULDN'T BE SUBJECTED TO YOUR INABILITY TO CONTROL YOUR RAGING HORMONES!!! hahahahaha.. yes i'm totally hating now that i'm back in Sydney back to a long distance relationship.. AGAIN.

but.. it wasn't all bleak and miserable.. caught up with a bestie today.. even though we spoke everyday while i was away anyway.. haha. any excuse to have... TEA AND SCONES!

and of course... POLISH!

She got me Gloss n' Sparkle Cookie Dough and Femme Fatale Pools Of Vision! i've been eyeing these bad boys for ages now.. and they're finally MINE!

and we got matching arm candy! cause we're lame like that. teeheehee*

we both spent the afternoon talking about random shenanigans... until i was given some very unexpected news that i's so very excited about! although i don't think i should say anything yet.. and let her announce it when she's ready.. but i'm stupid excited. and can't wait to do all the shenanigans with her. it's like reliving my whole potato sack experience all over again! so excited and so very happy for her! BIG THINGS TO COME!


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