Tuesday, 13 August 2013

monday blues

where did the weekend go?!

awful day at uni today.. long and exhausting.. had a pounding headache all morning.. really need to start sleeping early on uni days.. this sleeping late and waking up at the butt crack of dawn is really starting to catch up to me.. NO MORE BEAUTIFUL KOREAN SKIN!!! T.T
speaking of korean skin i've used the AQUA mask filler face mask twice now.. and i have to say i am loving it! I cleanse my face with Sukin cream cleanser first, followed by an oatmeal scrub, then i spray my face with my Sukin hydrating toner.. slap on the serum that comes with the mask all over my face then place the mask on my skin for 20 minutes. after 20 minutes i remove the paper mask and leave the residue to soak into my skin and it feels absolutely amazing!!!

i picked up some missha face masks yesterday when i was out.. and tried the honey one... not very pleased. for one.... when i pulled the paper mask out of the packaging... it didn't feel very wet so i wondered how hydrating it could have been.. did my whole cleansing routine and slapped the mask on.. my skin didn't look or feel any different.. if anything i had to put moisturiser on afterwards, and the packaging saids to pat face so that the residue can soak into your skin.. but there was nothing there to pat down.. needless to say i won't be buying more.. even though i was a hoarder and bought 5 =="

today i have a swatch of Femme Fatale Cosmetics Pools Of Vision topped off with Smudged Polishes Alone Tonight!

it has a beautiful light blue almost grey base filled with blue, neon green, and white hex, and dot glitters. oh.. and did i mention it's GLOW IN THE DARK?! yes it does! i wish i could get a picture to show you.. but my camera is awful at capturing it and i don't have a black light either.. but take my word for it.. the glow is amazing! though.. very distracting to sleep with at night hahaha. and i used one coat of Alone Tonight placing the holographic stars and moon crescents on the nail to add some more sparkly :D

macro shot of Smudged Polish Alone Tonight

after uni i grabbed a frozen yogurt as a small treat after such a bullshit day.

what are those balls you ask? well.. i don't know the technical term for them but they're called strawberry and lychee balls. and when you bite into them, you get an explosion of flavored syrup! they're pretty addictive and delicious. though probably wasn't a good idea cause the weather suddenly changed and it got so cold and windy towards the end of the day i thought my teeth were going to fall out because they were chattering so much from the cold!

(warning.. DMT POST)

its been two weeks since i've been back in Sydney.. and i'm already feeling the withdrawals.. how am i gong to survive the next 3 months?! to think that we've been in a long distance for 2 years now that it'd get easier.. yeah.. not so much..
on top of the fact that it just occurred to me that i'll be 25 in a month! where has all the time gone?! i'm going to have to start telling people i'm in my mid 20s!!! ugh... going to tell myself that it means i'm only one year away from getting cheaper car insurance... *sighs*

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