Friday, 16 August 2013


so.. through my.. Aussie Nails enablers... i was informed that Maybelline had a 40% off sale at Priceline.. and i of course just had to scout it out!!!


this was my damage.. i'm very selective of my makeup so.. there are only a few brands that i actually use.. but when it comes to lip balm.. i'm an excessive hoarder.. and if i can get them for a steal at $2 AUD.. you bet your bottom dollar that i'd grab as many as i could.. these were the only colors left.. i was lucky to stumble upon the blue one.. the only colorless one that was available was orange flavored.. and i hate anything that's orange flavored that's not an orange or orange juice.. (i know.. i'm weird.. it's the same with bananas.. i absolutely refuse to eat anything banana related with the exception of banana bread.. i freaking love that stuff) back to the lip balm hoarding.. i don't even know how many lip balms i own.. and how many are still unopened.. i know.. it's horrible.. they're my vice.. next to nail polish.. but i've been very good with that now that the other half has a mortgage and i have my own line to have to keep afloat...
anywho.. i'm very excited to have these in my grasp.. i've heard excellent reviews on them and i'm so keen to try them.. maybe if i'm lucky i'll check the place out again on monday to see if there's anything left..

my first victim.. Rose Addict.. will post review and thoughts soon!

hope everyone has a great weekend!

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