Sunday, 15 September 2013

and it's sunday again..

sunday night.. we meet again.. and one again i wonder where the weekend went...

i went with my mother to the Moon Festival activities in Cabramatta this morning. it was quite entertaining watching hundreds of middle aged women not dress their age screaming after their little spoilt children whining over toys or candy that was for sale. there was an array of make shift stalls selling things ranging from foods to random shindigs. my mom and i went a little crazy over the vegetarian food stalls... (she's going through a phase of vegetarian cuisines)

unfortunately this was the only awesome thing i could take a picture of while i was out.. the foods looked and smelled really good.. but because there was so many people yelling over the top of each other trying to get a glimpse of what was going on or what was for sale.. it made taking decent pictures impossible.

but.. something i did manage to take many pictures of is.. MY NAILS! (of course)

BAM. this bad boy is 2 coats of Emily de Molly Devotion and 2 coats of Max Factor Fantasy Fire gifted to me by the sweetie Meg

yes.. this is the same mani.. because Devotion is a holographic polish... it glistens in sunlight and when in particular lighting.. acts as a shifting chrome-ish looking awesomeness because of the Fantasy Fire... epic proportions.. that is all.

the rest of my day comprised of more assessments and paper writing.. AND.. opening up INTERNATIONAL ORDERS for SMUDGED POLISHES!

... with some help of a few gummy bear friends.

but yes.. you read correctly! i'm opening up international orders from now until October 15 to be processed in Singapore October 17!
so come by and have a looksie! all bottles are first come first serve basis till sold out or ordering closes.

now.. back to my endless assignments and bickering with the other half... =="

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