Thursday, 12 September 2013

so you're now in your mid 20s

today i turned 25... doesn't feel any different..

i woke up and the first thing i saw on my phone was a picture message from the other half..

i has half asleep and rushing because i had woken up late and had to make a run for the station so i didn't miss my train. and when i finally took a good look at the message i almost dropped my phone...

he had booked a one night stay in Marina Bay Sands while we were in Singapore this October and bought me a car!
--ok it's not as amazing as it sounds.. it's a 04 a190 Merc.. but i guess the fact that he put thought into the fact that when i moved over.. i couldn't drive his manual Civic.. so this would be my transport to and from uni/work.
-and and of course before i forget.. him too hahahaha..
*note* that he had a disclaimer stating the phone and iPad wasn't included... hahaha (smart ass)

for the next couple of hours it was just uni.. nothing extravagant.. more bickering with my group work... presentation is tomorrow.. this will be interesting... and then i get a notification on fb half way through class...

i literally shrieked out loud in class when i logged into my Femme Fatale Cosmetics account... The ladies i had met in Perth a few months back got together and gave me a most generous gift. they had all pitched in and given me a $200 coupon to spend as i pleased on Femme Fatale! i was absolutely floored. these women.. whom for the most part i had only met once! i felt very blessed and loved to have met such beautiful people.

the rest of the day was kind of a blur.. i bought myself a red velvet cupcake to celebrate my "birthday"

close up of my birthday mani...

wearing my most favorite indie of all time. Emily de Molly Sakura and my makeshift cupcake for festivities.

the rest of the day was a bit of a bust...

towards the end of the day i received a particularly nasty message and was accused of doing something i had absolutely nothing to do with. but the accuser was adamant on my guilt and had no intention on finding out the truth. i was called a handful of colourful names that i did not deserve. which i was so incredibly upset about.
i then was told that said person posted some passive aggressive posts online.. which i tried very hard to ignore and not retaliate. but it was just so unfair. i have never in my life ever called anything like that before because i would never ever do anything like what they had accused me of.. but i guess it just saids that the person just didn't think highly of me in the first place.. so here is my passive aggressive post for you..

don't be so quick to judge and draw conclusions when you don't even know what happened.
--hell i don't even really know what happened.. i just had someone messaging me a bunch of fighting words yelling at me for something i didn't even do!

the sick part is i still want them to find out and know the truth. i couldn't care less if they ever spoke to me again but it's just so unfair to have been treated like that without cause or justification.

i spent the rest of the night doing my assignment and wrapping up with the group work trying not to think about what had happened.. and on top of that the other half was stuck at work because he had some.. deal or client rage quit so he had to stay behind to sort that out.. possibly one of the best/worst birthdays yet... tomorrow i shall eat my way out of this mood!

alright.. bed time.. uni i a few hours =="

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