Friday, 27 September 2013

birthday foodings part 2

meet up with an old bestie today and she took me out for my birthday dinner...

getting drunk on meat and bier to celebrate the beginning of my uni break!

we went to the Bavarian Bier Cafe in Town Hall. she had the Octoberfest Tasting Plate with ale and i had Roast Pork Belly with Mango Bier.

it was so great to catch up with her. it had seemed like forever since i had seen her.. even though we message one another almost everyday... and as always we rolled home. every single time we go out with each other we always seem to over eat.. it's just tradition now i guess.

my mani for my food date..

Miss Ashleigh The Devil Wears Nada and Gloss n' Sparkle Cookies and Cream

--so.. if you read back to one of my earlier posts.. i was having a cry about the fact that the penis was going to be in Singapore a whole day earlier than i was... and i went on a spree searching for other flights to Singapore on the wednesday instead but the price was a difference of over $200! so i thought i was destined to leave on thursday and he on wednesday... WELL... get this...
so his friend who lives in Sydney happened to also book on the same day and flight as i did.. and he received an email a few weeks ago saying that his flight was cancelled so he had to move it to another date but because he couldn't take off from work he wasn't leaving till friday.. i thought i was lucky.. because i didn't receive any email notifying me of any changes.. so we just all assumed that they over booked and he was the unlucky one who got kicked out. i didn't think anything of it until the penis forwarded an email to me and it was a conversation they were having that his friend checked online and there were no flights at all on thursday.. so i decided to check online.. and it said that my flight was for Wednesday October 16.. but my itinerary said Thursday October 17... mind was blown at this point so i decided to call up to figure out what was going on. turns out.. they apparently sent me an email about the change of flight 2 weeks ago and the cut off date to change the light for free was last week... but.. i don't mind leaving on wednesday because that's the date that i wanted anyway!!! so lucky! teeheehee* i'm pretty ecstatic about this change of events! it means i get an extra day in Singapore and i didn't have to do anything to get it! win!

now lets hope i keep this excitement and not kill myself thinking about you know what when i get there...

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