Thursday, 5 September 2013

food and boobs

disgusting day at uni this morning... only good thing that came out of it was one of the people in the group apparently had a medical emergency so they couldn't show up to class today so once again we can't complete our presentation.. but.. on the other side.. i got to meet up with a nail bestie to have lunch instead of being surrounded by lazy chemical bags who expect to be spoon fed everything.

we met up at NaruOne Korean Restaurant on Pitt St because i'm still on my obsession with anything korean and she's never had Korean food before..

i ordered sizzling bibimbap for the both of us.. and may i say.. it was absolutely amazing!

it came with some side dishes and complimentary miso soup. all i can say is delicious. through and through. wait time wasn't awful and the ambience is really great.

i wore Smudged polish Mystic with a Butter London West End Wonderland accent today for my date

and of course.. our matchy arm bands!


now back to my assessments and bullshit group work =="

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