Friday, 6 September 2013

derp mode activated

how to keep an idiot entertained for hours...

wear thermal polish to uni.. and spend the entire lecture watching your nails change colour as opposed to paying attention to what the shit is going on...

here i have Miss Ashleigh Hot Flush and Glam Polish Matilda..

i had done this mani last night.. impatient to wait for the color change... i went to run my fingers through cold water to see the difference.. but it was still purple.. i thought maybe it didn't work for me.. and it was still a beautiful deep holo purple if it didn't change colors.. i woke up this morning and my nails were pink.... =="
it didn't occur to me to try warm water since cold water didn't work... i just had assumed my hands were warm. therefore they were purple.. turns out it's purple when cold and pink when warm... IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW!

well.. that is my derp share for the week.. going to waste away watching Super Junior talk shows!

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