Thursday, 26 September 2013

how to keep an idiot entertained part II

greetings nailings!

today i bring you keeping an idiot entertaining part 2!

this is 2 delicious coats of Miss Ashleigh Super Nova! a thermal polish that changes from purple when cold to blue when warm! the stars were a little finnicky to fish for so i ended up using the holo stars from Smudged Polish Alone Tonight. but this is a beautiful polish none the less! i mean.. look at it!

uni today... and needless to say.. i was staring at my nails watching the transitioning of blue to purple or vice versa at the fluctuation of my body temperature in class instead of paying attention to what was going on in my tutorial..
i've been finding it very difficult to concentrate lately... i don't know what it is.. maybe because uni break starts this weekend.. or excitement mixed in with nervousness of the Singapore trip.. who knows.. i just hope i stay in tune long enough to get through my exams =="

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