Monday, 9 September 2013

where has the weekend gone?

it's only monday and i already wish it was the weekend...

it's my birthday in 3 days.. and i have nothing to be excited about...
i have 2 assignments due at the end of the week.. meaning no random shenanigans.
my family isn't big on celebrating.. so i doubt i'll do anything fun for it..
it's kind of sad really.. then again.. everyday should be a birthday right?! everyday that you wake up you should feel blessed that you have another day to live your life... hah. what a load of crack.. wish i could be that enthusiastic everyday..

i've been studying for almost 6 years now.. and i'm STILL in school... ugh.. when will the madness end?!

the other half spent this weekend at the house again.. clearing out the gutters and beginning to plaster the walls now that the ugly wallpaper has been steamed off.. apparently the pool is now green...
ok.. a little bit of.. back story.. yes.. WE'RE HOME OWNERS NOW! well.. technically he is.. i'm just mooching off of him at the moment.. you know.. desperate housewife status.. hes been looking for a house for years now.. and this was the "best" that he could afford.. it's not that awful of a house.. but.. it has a pool... and yes.. usually people would be all happy and excited about having a pool.. i mean.. i love swimming and i love going to the pool.. but i do NOT want to own one. it's SO much work and effort to maintain. he was trying to make an argument of how we'd love it during summer..

him: "we can swim in it during summer!"

me: "you don't even swim!"

him: "i used to splash around in my neighbours pool when i was a kid"

me: "you can splash around in a bucket mate"

him: "=..="

must be the mood that i'm in.. who knows.. but right now.. with how much its costing to repair.. maintain.. keep.. i am NOT liking it one bit...

anyway.. one good thing i am still happy about are my gradients...

they're all i'm good for really...

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