Wednesday, 18 September 2013

second best day of the week!

freebie wednesdays!

what does that mean you ask? it means day to do absolute shit! hahahaha! no seriously i haven't done a productive thing all day... other than watch a bunch of Super Junior talk shows and swoon over Cho Kyuhyun...

he's definitely not the prettiest thing that has walked the planet but he is absolutely adorable.. and has an amazing voice

so cuteee...!!!

i die... hahahahahhaha

oh and of course.. my NOTD

none other than my very own Smudged Polish MORBID!
this is two coats with top coat! will probably be wearing this for a few days for sure..

this weekend is the national Aussie Nails meet up in Sydney! i'm honestly very nervous about it.. so many women.. many whom i have't met before other than the virtual interactions through instagram or the fb group.. i'm still undecided on whether or not i'll go to iMATS cause i'm being cheap about the $45 entry fee.. but i think i'll end up going.. i didn't get to have a birthday celebration so it'd be nice to be able to go out for some random shenanigans with some friends..
the other half has his mates bucks night this weekend too.. definitely NOT looking forward to the anxiety that'll interrupt me throughout the day... ==" KEEP BUSY!

he sent me a text with the plans of the bucks night.. and i said..

me: "i trust that you won't do anything to disrespect me"

him: "of course.. i'm a married man!"

him: "almost"

yeah of course you're all mooshy and nice because you're going to a bucks night.. pssch* men...

probably end up crashing with a friend getting drunk on cider and inhaling polish hahahaha POLISH PARTY FTW!

--actually.. i think i'll go on a shopping spree on saturday.. yeah.. why the hell not.. go throw your dollar bills at  a random.. i shall go throwing your hundred dollar bills for diamonds... muahahahhahaa*

now.. off to do my korean paper face mask and watch more videos of Kyuhyun. teeheehee*

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